One million tyres shipped to Europe within 10 months


This is the FIRST TIME that our company has supplied ONE MILLION TYRES to the European market within a year. To be more precise, during the first ten months of the current year, we shipped more than 1,000.000 pieces of TM Premiorri and TM Rosava passenger tyres.  This is 2.5 times (or 150%) more compared to the same period in 2020. 

And we are not going to stop at this point, because the year is not over yet.

In 2021, two more European countries appeared on our supply map: Cyprus and Portugal.

Our sales strategy to Europe is associated with the well-known Pareto Principle specifies that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes. In our case, three companies make 80% of all sales due to their developed logistics and partnerships, as well as due to our assortment and size range. However, the most important component is quality that meets both the certification requirements of European countries and customer expectations. This enables us to cover the largest mass markets in the European Union, such as Germany and Italy.

Despite the pandemic, the trend of rising raw material prices and logistics costs, as well as the global crisis in cargo traffic, total sales of our tyres within the current 10 months have increased by 22%, of which

  • passenger car tyres - by 15%;
  • tyres for passenger car trailers - by 92%;
  • light truck tyres - by 31%;
  • tyres for agricultural equipment - by 7%.

Although we quickly adjusted to the new market rules and all our departments and divisions adapted to the new conditions, the market is still in short supply of our agricultural and light truck tyres, some truck tyre sizes, as well as large inch passenger tyres (all 17”- 20” Premiorri tyres).

It should also be mentioned that sales of high-margin tyres 17-20 inches, which are the most desirable for all manufacturers in 2021, have increased by 91%.

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