JUNE 2020, we are in positive tendency: results, achievements, prospects


Not only be able to keep afloat, but to find resources and opportunities to develop. Not to give way to panic, but to roll up sleeves and take decisive actions facing new circumstances. The June results confirm that ROSAVA is heading the right direction. We have much to be proud of!

Crisis of global car market

The global crisis is gaining momentum, but now it’s clear that it has particularly affected the car market. A decrease in new car sales will affect tire sales. However, a flexible approach, a quick reaction to the market situation, a change in the vectors of production and sales will help not to lose existing positions.

June results are encouraging 

Despite the situation, our company has a record high over the past three years!

In 2020, for the first time in this period, we can observe a real rise in the Ukrainian market. Sales rose 36%. The success rate of agricultural tires is 110% compared to 2019, and for truck tires, these figures are 2 times better. 

WE remain the leader in the sale of passenger car and agricultural tyres in Ukraine! The total growth in tire sales in June 2020 was 19% compared with 2019. Of these, tires for agricultural machinery are 28%. And this is despite the fact that export operations in the country are declining. It is worth noting the countries to which more tyres were shipped in June 2020 compared to June 2019:

- USA  2019 - 2.200 tyres 2020 - 31.400 tyres;

- Great Britain 2019 - about 3.000 tyres / month 2020 – 9.700 tyres

- Romania 2019 - 4.000 tyres 2020 - 6.200 tyres

We also see an increase in sales to the CIS countries, which amounted to 38%, of which 2 times more tyres were shipped to Azerbaijan customers compared to 2019, 55% more - to Belarus, 99% more - to Kazakhstan and 7% more - to Armenia. 

In June, 17-20 inch tyres were in demand. Accordingly, their growth was 76% (17 inches - 55%, 18 - 18.5%), most of them were exported to the markets of Europe and the USA.

We were happy with the sales of the new Premiorri Solazo S Plus models, whichgrew by 2 times. Vimero SUV - 10 times! Premiorri Solazo remains a hit of sales - by 121% compared to the same period in 2019.

If there is a goal, we will overcome obstacles!

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