New modern tyre building equipment up to 22 inches has arrived at ROSAVA!


ROSAVA company, the national manufacturer of tyres, having set a course for the production of competitive tyres with diameter at rim seat of 17 to 20 inches, successfully executes a program of production modernization.

Recently the company received a new modern, the best for today tyre building equipment EХХIUM, VMI Holland B.V. (the Netherlands).

Single stage tyre building machine will introduce new technologies for tyre building and development of new types of products that will be positioned in the higher price segment, that is, as premium tyres of 17 to 20 inches with speed category H, V, W - 210 km/h, 240 km/h, 270 km/h, respectively.

Recall that in the course of modernization of production the new high-tech equipment Apex of VIPO company (Slovakia) arrived in July. Currently, the installation is completed and the commissioning is being carried out. The line will ensure production of filler strip and bead for passenger car tyres from 13 to 20 inches in automatic mode, which will significantly improve the performance of dynamic and static imbalance of tyres.

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