Over the past years, tyre production quality requirements have become extremely high worldwide!

At the ROSAVA plant, the output characteristics of tyres are checked on special equipment - HOFMANN Quality Inspection Line (Germany).

WE have prepared for this well in advance. 

At the end of 2018, we decided to extend the Tyre Quality Inspection and Grading line ATG-E/D. For this, we signed a contract with a German company and within 10 months the best specialists in this industry have manufactured equipment for us. 

Last November, the equipment was installed. HOFMANN specialists mounted the new GEO-SL system (Laser Light Strip System), which is designed for additional testing of tyre geometry.

Tyre geometry check is an important indicator of tyre quality. Deviation of tyre geometry can negatively affect both the vehicle’s performance and the tyre itself during its operation. For example, if there is a problem with the tyre geometry, a runout will occur at this point, which is transmitted to the steering column. This affects the chassis of a car, and as a result, driving a car will become uncomfortable. It also adversely affects tread wear, and consequently reduces tyre life. 

  • The new GEO-SL system registers values of the tyre under test, displays them on the screen and grades the quality. This test guarantees a comfortable and safe driving at maximum speeds on any road.
  • Checking our tyres on Hofmann Quality Inspection Line once again confirms the absolute compliance of our products with the best European analogues (or standards).
  • The tyres assembled on new EXXIUM VMI (Netherlands) assembly machines show perfect quality, which is confirmed when tested on HOFMANN quality inspection line with GEO-SL system.

By the way, this spring, the next EXXIUM VMI Tyre Building Machine will be delivered and installed!

We are moving forward!

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