We remember ... the 34th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster


They say time heals all wounds, but the ones from Chornobyl hurt for years on end. Although 34 years have passed, the pain is still fresh as are the memories of the courage of thousands of liquidators of the Chernobyl accident -firefighters, military and medical personnel. At the expense of their health and life, they protected humankind from an invisible terrible enemy and saved thousands of lives. Indeed, the consequences of the catastrophe and the extent of the tragedy could have been much greater…

April 26, 1986, is a sad day for our country. This is the day when a great disaster struck our blossomy land when the Chernobyl disaster struck. Since then, the community has been commemorating the liquidators of the accident and the victims of the technogenic disaster every year.

We do not forget their brave deeds and are endlessly grateful to all the heroes!

We remember how the personnel of Bila Tserkva tyre plant could not but rush to the rescue back then. Three groups consisting of 94 persons left for Chornobyl in May for a special assignment. We remember this and would like to thank heartily each one of those who, let's face it, saved the world.

Some liquidators still work at our enterprise: O. Pavlenko, P. Hudz, S. Isayenko, S. Pogosov, V. Hrebenyev, E. Chertok, L. Melnichenko, V. Shut, P. Yaremenko, O. Skorokhod, N. Marchenko, V. Mohoryt, O. Rikhtik, M. Kiforenko.

The whole world combined efforts back then to combat nuclear disaster and its devastating impact on people and the environment. In 2020, on the eve of the memorable dates, Chornobyl reminded of itself again. Large-scale forest fires broke out in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.

Firefighters, aviation, liquidators are at the forefront again. Emergency response teams are extinguishing forest fires on an area of about 20 hectares.

Misfortunes never come singly. A pandemic has engulfed our country, as it has the whole world. The infection spreads rapidly. The whole international community faces new challenges to fight the threat and beat the virus. Each one of us must contribute to the fight against the epidemic to save our lives and our future.

Let's stand together and we will win!

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