July turned out to be really hot, not only because of the sun’s activity, but also because of the activity of our customers…
The results of July 2020 were a pleasant surprise for us, although we made particular plans and worked hard. The whole team, from production and sales department to loaders, did their best to achieve internal records. When you are better than you were yesterday, it is a victory.
Results in JULY are the RECORD OF THE LAST 4 YEARS! Thus, the growth of tyre sales in all markets was 8%, compared to 2019, shipments of agricultural tyres increased by 10%.
If we analyse individual markets and groups of tyres, the growth in the Ukrainian market of passenger tyres was 17%, agricultural tyres — 27%, compared to July 2019.
The level of sales of all groups of tyres in European countries in July increased by + 18%. The leaders of shipments were Great Britain, France, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia.
Almost 30,000 of Ukrainian tyres were also shipped to the United States, and 8 containers to New Zealand.
We are already excited to see the results of August.
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