ROSAVA: We are 47!


Today, December 22, ROSAVA is celebrating a remarkable day. Forty-seven years ago our first tyre was made.  

Today, we are not even in the middle of the way. Our team has a lot of plans ahead for new achievements and victories. We are ready to move forward energetically and confidently and win the hearts of everyone who choose our tyres!  

However, we do not forget the glorious 47-year history of our factory. On that day in 1972, the first tyre (320-508) was made at the Belaya Tserkov Tyre Factory. 

This was preceded by 7-year construction and commissioning, in which the best specialists of the Soviet Union were involved. 

An important state task was to provide the country with competitive tyres for cars and agricultural machinery, tyres that would be no worse than foreign ones.   

Thanks to this, Belaya Tserkov, a city with a population of only 70,000 people, became world-known.

We are grateful to the thousands of the factory personnel  and proud of everyone! We remember and value those special people who built the plant and share their invaluable experience with new generation!   

We have a long way ahead and a lot of work to do, because any vehicle  will not run without tyres.

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