Our tyres at Bednary AGRO SHOW 2021


The annual international Bednary AGRO SHOW is one of the largest exhibitions in Europe (120 ha), which has been held since 1999, and only in 2020 there was a pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. AGRO SHOW is considered the best event for the presentation of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment from Europe.

It took place on September 24-26 in Bednar, not far from Poznan (Poland). Almost 600 exhibitors from all over the world took part in the event, about 100,000 visitors attended the exhibition.

Tyres TM ROSAVA-AgroS and TM Premiorri were presented by TIOR (Poland), one of our largest strategic partners in Europe.

Almost 100 agricultural, industrial and passenger tyres were exhibited at the 250 sqm booth visited by over 3000 people.

"We felt how much we lacked such events, how much we are interested in communication and reliable suppliers of our potential customers!", - said Marcin Markiewicz, the owner of TIOR.

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