New equipment! New tyres!


Commissioning of the new tyre assembly complex LCZ (Y/E)-2442 has been completed. It will expand the range of agricultural tyres with new sizes from 24 to 42 inches for modern agricultural machinery.

Today, the first 15.5R38 agricultural tyres were built on high-precision modern equipment. Soon you will find them on the markets of Ukraine and the whole world.

Specialists of the manufacturer supervised our Ukrainian team for a month and a half, closely monitoring each process. Electrician Li Chunyuan and mechanic Fang Jiande teamed up with our specialists to set up high-precision equipment and adjust it to all the processes of our production.

An integrated tyre assembly machine for building radial agricultural tyres will perform two stages of assembly with minimal intervention of the operator. This technology will significantly increase the efficiency of tyre production and improve the quality and precision assembly of the sizes which are already in serial production, and will allow expanding the range with new sizes with diameters up to 42 inches.

Despite a tight daily schedule and strict compliance with technical regulations at every stage, we managed to put the equipment into operation on time. The first 15.5R38 agricultural tyres have already been assembled. The test results met our expectations regarding high quality, which allows us to say that this is for sure a new stage in the development of our company, and the whole tyre industry in Ukraine.

NOTE! In Ukraine, the sales of 15.5R38 tyres and 15.5-38 tyres occupy 8-10% of the agricultural market. 15.5 R38 radial tractor tyres are the leader in this segment in Ukraine, their share is about 80%.

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