OXY TAXI drivers have tested PREMIORRI and ROSAVA tyres


The OXI TAXI fleet in Kyiv consists only of electric cars. For testing, taxi drivers have chosen tyres of domestic production.  Last winter season, they used PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore tyres of 2016 year of manufacture, and in spring-summer season - PREMIORRI Solazo and ROSAVA Itegro manufactured in 2017 and 2018.

On the eve of this winter season, the new 2017 tyres,  ViaMaggiore Z Plus are mounted on the cars. 

The tyres run 24 hours a day, at various speeds and driving styles, following a busy schedule. That is, no one spare them.

As part of a constant research of customer opinions about the product (tyre behavior, mileage, customer satisfaction, satisfaction with product quality, etc.), we conducted a survey of the OXI TAXI drivers.

In general, feedback is positive. The average mileage is 60 thousand km. There are some unfavourable comments on the rapid tread wear.  Eleven tyres with this weak point have been taken for examination. All of them have uneven or one-sided tread wear. Almost all of these tyres have smaller tread depth in the shoulder area compared to the central part. This indicates that the tyres have run under reduced inflation pressure, and in some cases practically flat.

If the taxi drivers and technical service had followed the standards and recommendations (checked inflation pressure at least once a month), we are sure the tyres would have run for a longer period of time and more than one thousand kilometers.

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