1939-1945 ... the years that changed the history of mankind forever. And even after 75 years, it hurts men and women, soldiers and civilians, small children and the elderly - all those who died and survived, having gone through all the terrible years of the Second World War.

On May 8, Ukraine, along with many European countries, celebrates Remembrance and Reconciliation Day.

WE REMEMBER ... all those whose lives were taken by the Second World War. And this is more than 80 million people, including almost 10 million Ukrainians, ie every second. 61 countries were involved in this disaster. Military operations were conducted on the territory of 40 countries.

THIS DAY, remember your grandfathers and great-grandfathers, look at photobooks containing time-yellowed photos, tell the children about the war, light a candle at home and silently thank them for the Victory!

Let trouble go around your families. We want a reliable future for our native Ukraine. We wish you peace and goodness!
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