Installation of the fourth line of curing presses for pneumatic tyres


The large-scale modernization that took place at ROSAVA company over last years does not stop. On the contrary, it is gaining momentum.

For example, last year, new production equipment of the well-known European companies was installed: state-of-the-art tyre building machines, quality inspection line, 10 curing presses 52" and so on. Early this year new testing equipment for the development of rubber compounds, MDR 3000 Professional rheometer, MonTech company, Germany, was installed at the plant laboratory.

Recently, three of ten curing presses 52" UZYM13 model, UZER  MAKINA (Turkey) arrived at the company. They will be located at the plant curing shop of the main production facilities near those presses, which were installed last year. Therefore, installation of the fourth line of curing presses for passenger car tyres within the modernization program has begun.


The new equipment will provide additional production of the competitive 15"-18" tyres. The total volume of products manufactured within a year will depend on the particular tyre size. For example, in case of curing 215/65R16 Solazo tyres, the annual volume will be 375 thousand pcs. However, the most important result we expect is no tyre defects after curing at all. The importance of the product quality is constantly emphasized by Management of the company: “Our main principle is to exceed drivers' expectations regarding quality of tyres, their comfort and safety”, remarks Oleksandr Daliba, General Director. “Customer is above all! And we do our best, particularly now, trying to earn customers’ sympathy and make our good feelings mutual by bringing merely pleasure to those who choose ROSAVA and PREMIORRI brands.

Therefore, we put the quality of products at the forefront.”

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