Work during a pandemic OR Agreement = Fulfillment


This week, we start the loading of five containers (5,600 tyres) with the late developed models of the most popular sizes (15-18 inches) - Premiorri Solazo S Plus, Vimero SUV and Vimero Van. They will leave for New Zealand.

In early March, we signed an attractive contract with a powerful distribution company to supply tyres to the markets of Australia and New Zealand.

However, life has made adjustments, the global pandemic has forced the business, including the tyre one, to temporarily slow down. The commitments we have entered before the spread of the virus and the introduction of restrictions stimulate us to meet shipment dates.

"We understand the complexity of the situation caused by the pandemic, but we cannot let our domestic and foreign customers down, so we are trying to fulfill our obligations to ship tyres under the orders received before the quarantine was introduced. We have enough stock to meet demand during this period" - noticed a representative of the company.

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