Premiorri VIMERO VAN: expanding the line of all-season tires


Recently, the line of all-season tyres Premiorri Vimero Van (M+S) was extended with new TOP sizes 235/65R16C and 205/65R16C.

From now on, we offer our customers a complete line of Premiorri Vimero Van for light trucks.

Due to the innovative tyre compound and the use of modern environmentally friendly materials we improved fuel efficiency while maintaining high load capacity.

Particular attention was paid to the tread pattern.

It has been specially designed to meet all parameters required by the customers in our country and at export markets:

  • high dynamic characteristics and low noise generation;
  • smooth ride and low rolling resistance;
  • guaranteed traffic safety on roads with any surface;
  • fuel efficiency.

Premiorri Vimero-Van tyre line is marked as M+S, which means that these tyres can be safely operated both in autumn and summer: when the road is wet, covered with mud or melted snow, as well as in regions with soft winter. It is absolutely adaptable to any ambient temperature without any significant performance drop.

Unlike the previous models of light truck tyres, all sizes of VIMERO VAN model are manufactured on the best state-of-the-art tyre building equipment in the world.

Thus, Premiorri Vimero Van (M+S) tyre line with a symmetric non-directional tread pattern of 15-16 inches for your attention below:

  • 185/75R16C104/102 R
  • 195/70R15C104/102 R
  • 195/75R16C107/105 R
  • 205/65R16C107/105 R
  • 215/65R16C109/107 R
  • 225/70R15C112/110 R
  • 225/75R16C121/120 R
  • 235/65R16C115/113 R

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