Expansion of the product line of PREMIORRI passenger car tyres: Ukrainian tyres on every car!


During the period 2020-2021, the range of passenger car tyres of PREMIORRI brand has expanded.

Our company is implementing a program for designing new tyres that meet the growing requirements for safety and sustainability. As part of the program, innovative technologies and new generations of ingredients are used in the production, which allowed improving the performance of tyres. For the period from 2020 to the present day, we have expanded the range of new tyre lines with new sizes.

ViaMaggiore Z Plus

The range of ViaMaggiore Z Plus winter tyres was expanded with seven sizes (17 inches):

  • 205/50R17;
  • 215/50R17;
  • 215/55R17;
  • 225/45R17;
  • 225/55R17;
  • 235/55R17;
  • 235/65R17.

By the end of 2021, we plan to release 4 more new sizes - one 16" and three 18". There are 23 sizes of this model from 15 to 18 inches with a speed rating H (210 km/h) available on the market.

ViaMaggiore Z Plus is a non-studded tyre with an asymmetric tread pattern, specially designed for harsh winters.

The tread pattern is divided into three parts, designed to provide high traction on the road surface in all weather conditions. The outer part of the pattern works well on dry asphalt, the middle part – on ice, and the inner part – on snow.

The rubber compound includes winter silica, specially developed by a French company to ensure grip on snow-covered and icy surfaces, and a special polymer with reactive groups from a Korean company allows maintaining the elasticity of the tread layer at extremely low temperatures.

The tyres provide high safety and comfort: good grip and handling on snowy road surfaces, short braking distance on ice-covered roads, as well as effective braking on wet roads.


8 new sizes in 3D models have been developed for the model range of all-season Vimero-SUV tyre.

The new tyres have improved 3-D sipes, which ensure the stiffness of the pattern elements, increasing the tyre's life without impairing grip on wet roads and snow.

There are 4 sizes available: 235/75R15, 215/70R16, 215/60R17, 225/60R17.

By the end of this year, we plan to release four new sizes with a diameter of 15, 17 and 18" and in the first half of 2022 the next four 17" and 18" tyres.

Vimero-SUV was developed for urban SUVs for use in markets with mild winter climate.

An asymmetric tread pattern with longitudinal annular grooves and a well-thought-out “drainage system” quickly evacuate water or melted snow from the contact patch, minimizing the effect of aquaplaning, increasing traction on snowy roads and shortening the braking distance in rain.

The new generation of silica-based rubber compound enhances tyre traction on wet asphalt and reduces rolling resistance.

The tyres provide precise control on dry road surfaces due to external blocks, which are combined into a single rib.

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