Tyre revolution


ROSAVA company has prepared a great present for the 45th anniversary - meet the first 18 inches tyres! New sizes are PREMIORRI Solazo S Plus - 245/40R18 and 235/55R18.

Launching of 18-inches tyres was preceded by a large-scale modernization of production due to a great teamwork!

New tyre sizes PREMIORRI Solazo S Plus - 245/40R18 and 235/55R18 are not just an ordinary new products, it’s another step in the development of the Ukrainian manufacturer! It gives us the confidence that our team is capable of executing tough projects, no matter how ambitious they are.

PREMIORRI Solazo S Plus tyres were created using the benefits of the latest innovations in materials, tyre design and tread pattern design to ensure even higher levels of safety, comfort, wear resistance and fuel economy.

For the summer season 2018, Ukrainian manufacturer has prepared complete line of summer tyres, consisting of 8 sizes for sales in Europe.

1. 225 / 55R16 Solazo S Plus 95 V

2. 205 / 50R17 Solazo S Plus 93 V

3. 215 / 55R17 Solazo S Plus 94 V

4. 225 / 45R17 Solazo S Plus 91 V

5. 225 / 50R17 Solazo S Plus 98 V

6. 235 / 45R17 Solazo S Plus 97 V

7. 235 / 55R18 Solazo S Plus 104 V

8. 245 / 40R18 Solazo S Plus 97 V

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