Annual meeting of official dealers


Annual meeting of official dealers is a great tradition that has brought together Ukrainian and CIS dealers to share experience, present achievements, and discuss plans for the future.

The significant event of the meeting was presentation of the new asymmetric winter tyre Premiori Viamagiore Z PLUS; retail sales started on November 17.

The results of sales for 10 months of 2017 by each company and the plant itself for 2016/2017 were announced at the meeting, where results and conditions of the Winter Season Program 2017 were summed up and conceptually new approach to production of 15-16-17 inches tyres discussed.

In the end discussion of plans for 2018 and presentation of concept of the Summer Season Program 2018 for Ukrainian dealers took place.

The main goal of this event was to show the dealers how and at what level the tyre is made by ROSAVA. One thing is to sell, quite another - to understand how it is made and to bring to the final customer, how modernized the technological chain is. Dealers had an opportunity to see the complete technological process of tyre production with the full cycle of modernization. In the tyre building shop, they were pleased to see the production line of the tread, inner liner, the French line for cutting the textile breaker, the line for the production of bead rings, the new curing presses 52``. And the most important thing in our modernization program is the EXXIUM tyre building machine VMI Holland B.V. for medium-class tyre models with diameter at rim seat of 13 -18 inches.

The main thing is that the dealers saw the whole process. They could see as well that ROSAVA is moving forward and has the same equipment as our competitors. Therefore, the final product is no worse than the products of our competitors. And taking into account particular characteristics - even better.

And if the customer asks the dealer about the materials and elements of the tyre, and the seller can not answer these questions, then the sales, of course, decrease. And if a person understands the basics of the technological process, the customer will also think that he buys a high-quality product and will trust the manufacturer.

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