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In 1965 in Belaya Tserkov, a city of about 70 thousand people, the construction of a giant of chemical industry, Tyre Factory, began. The industrial site occupied 301 hectares. 150 facilities were to be built and put into operation in accordance with the approved schedule.

256 plants from 109 cities of the Soviet Union supplied equipment.
The long-term work of more than one thousand workers culminated with the commissioning of production facilities to manufacture    4 million tyres per year: 1950 thous. passenger car tyres, 1550 thous. truck tyres and 500 thous. agricultural tyres. 
The commissioning of the largest industrial complex in the region turned the city of Belaya Tserkov into an industrial center.
In the photos you can see the first Directors: I.A. Valushko, E.G. Lopato and M.T. Mitrofanov.

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