Insight into history of “ROSAVA” company, dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the company


December 22, 1972 is the day when the first tyre was manufactured at Belaya Tserkov tyre plant. This date is considered to be the company’s establishment day.
In 2017, ROSAVA company will celebrate its 45th anniversary.
A long way from humble beginnings to manufacturing of 200 millionth tyre turned out to be quite challenging, but at the same time very exciting.
Many generations made their contribution to the fate of a powerful industrial enterprise: those who stood at the origins of the enterprise and production of the first tyre, those who happened to be at the thick of it and those who continued the traditions of previous generations.
We start a series of publications about important chapters in the history of establishment and development of the enterprise.

May a tyre plant be in Bila Tserkva
Demand for rubber products and tyres in the 1960s in the USSR increased sharply. Ukrsovnarkhoz (Council of National Economy) was engaged in a program for development of this sector and establishment of a large complex for production of rubber products. At that time, there were different requests from local authorities in Donetsk, Luhansk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Rivne Regions for construction of such enterprises on their territory. Preliminary decision included construction of tyre plant near Ivano-Frankivsk.

But in summer 1963, upon visit of Ukrsovnarkhoz by Yefrem Yarygin, secretary of the city committee of Belaya Tsrkov, the situation changed dramatically. During his meeting in Kiev with G.E. Lesnichev, Head of the Main Department of Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Industry of Ukrsovnarkhoz, he reported that the city of Belaya Tserkov was in a difficult social and economic situation. With a population of about 70 thousand people there were more than 10 thousand unemployed. There were no city treatment facilities, which caused serious problems, especially with sanitation conditions. There were no decent hospitals, polyclinics or building projects for citizens. And the city couldn’t afford the solution of these and other acute problems. Y.D. Yarygin made a request to consider construction of some industrial facilities in Belaya Tserkov, which could solve the existing problems.

Grigory Lesnichy visited Belaya Tserkov, located near Kiev and famous for its dendrological park “Alexandria”, and examined the location proposed for construction of the plant. Natural conditions were suitable for workers in such an industry with difficult working conditions. On reflection, G.E. Lesnichy firmly decided that the tyre plant shall be located in Belaya Tserkov.

With great difficulty this decision was adopted by the Heads of State Committee of Chemical Industry of USSR and Ukrsovnarkhoz. It was decided to build a large industrial complex: a tyre plant, factories for the production of rubber technical products and asbestos technical products, off-site facilities. And since construction of such a large plant would require a great number of employees, most of which were not the citizens of Belaya Tserkov, construction of a large number of new houses and necessary infrastructure was foreseen. After appointment of management and approval of the design task for the construction of the plant, construction of main industrial facilities: tyre plant, CHP plant and mechanical plant began. The industrial site occupied 301 hectares, including main building of the tyre plant with 182 hectares. 150 objects in total were to be constructed and commissioned. Construction works were carried out by a large construction and installation enterprise “Belaya Tserkov Khimstroy” (V. Statsyura as manager).

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