In the first half of 2020, sales of agricultural tyres in Europe increased by 19%


The Ukrainian manufacturer repeatedly proves its ability to produce products that are in demand in Europe, and the growth of sales is a strong evidence of it.

In January-June 2020, sales of agricultural tyres ROSAVA-AGROS in the European markets increased by 19% compared to the same period in 2019.

The best sales performance was in Germany (+ 58%), Ireland (+ 154%), England (+ 100%). Positive dynamics was also in Poland (+ 51%), Bulgaria (+ 40%). Slightly lower sales performance is observed in Slovakia (+ 29%), Lithuania (+ 21%), and Hungary (+ 14%).

The most popular tyres for agricultural equipment are 20-inch models (3832 pcs.). 32-inch models take second place (701 pcs.). 38-inch tyres (347 pcs.) rank third in popularity, and 24-inch tyres fall a little behind (309 pcs.). 5 top models of 26-inch tyres complete the list (241 pcs.).

Ukrainian agricultural tyres are more and more frequently used for high-tech agricultural equipment from foreign manufacturers: from seeders to tractors and combines. Up-to-date materials from European and Asian manufacturers, in particular, Korean, are used in production of TM ROSAVA-AGROS tyres, making application of innovative technologies and competing with tyres of leading world brands possible.

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