The Ukrainian tyre manufacturer outruns its competitors!


The winter tyre Premiorri Via Maggiore of the Nordic type with directional tread pattern took a worthy place in the comparative testing carried out by automotive experts of AUTOCENTRE magazine.

The tyre took the first place for braking properties and acceleration dynamics. Eleven tyre models of the popular size 205 / 55R16 were tested.  Ukrainian tyre Premiorri ViaMaggiore was the only tyre from the former Soviet Union among other tyres selected for testing.

According to the final results, the Premiorri Via Maggiore accelerates and brakes on ice and snow better than other tyres. The use of innovative technology and materials allows the tyre to easily overcome difficult sections of winter roads and effectively deal with snow slush, rolled snow and icy roads. The braking distance on polished ice with a speed of 30 to 5 km / h is 12.03 m. The braking distance on slightly packed snow from 40 to 5 km / h is 14.43 m.

More details on the test results can be found in article "Test of winter tyres for mild winter conditions of Central and Western Europe" published in AUTOCENTRE  No. 19-20'2018 or click on the link.

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