Happy Chemist`s Day


It’s our professional holiday again!

Among all the professional spheres, we have chosen one of the most important, innovative and interesting one – tyre manufacturing, our true calling.

ROSAVA company has a rich history and a great team. Although we had to face some unfavourable circumstances and obstacles, we are successfully overcoming them together. Our company works as a well-coordinated team, providing customers with popular tyre products, acclaimed not only in our country but abroad as well. Responding to market demands most flexibly, we actively develop the tyre industry, annually releasing new tyre sizes and models and constantly modernizing production.

High qualification of personnel in combination with modern management methods will allow ROSAVA company to achieve new accomplishments and maintain social stability.

We are very GRATEFUL to everyone for maintaining a strong community of people with such responsible attitude and self-discipline. Special thanks are due to our veterans of labour for preserving and passing on their invaluable experience to the younger generation!

Enjoy every day of your hard but important work. We wish you good health, happiness and prosperity!

May success attend us in our long and fruitful work for the prosperity of our company!

I hope everyone is so proud to work for ROSAVA, the only tyre manufacturer in Ukraine, as I am. HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Best regards Oleksandr Daliba

Director ROSAVA company

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