Quality is the Main Measure of Product Competitiveness


Given the requirements of today's consumers to the quality of tyres, especially to handling, safety and durability, our company is constantly working on development of rubber compounds recipes using modern technologies and raw materials of the new generation to improve tyre performance.

We purchased new test equipment from the Italian manufacturer Gibitre, designed in accordance with advanced technologies to provide high accuracy of test results:

  • Abrasion Check to determine the wear resistance of tyres;
  • De Mattia Fatigue Check for dynamic tensile fatigue tests and buckling strength test.

It is known that during operation, the wheels of cars undergo various dynamic loads, which affect not only the reliability of the tyre construction, but the safety of the whole car. That’s why the tyres must be strong and durable. 

The first experimental tests of the tread rubber of our tyres have been conducted in the central laboratory of the plant on De Mattia Fatigue Check device. The tests reveal the cyclic durability of the rubber until a fatigue defect appears, usually in the form of a crack. During the experiment, collisions of the tyre with such obstacles as curbs, potholes, etc can be simulated.

These studies are extremely informative, allowing establishing the durability of the tyre (tyre life) and improving its properties at the design stage. The device opens up new opportunities for the development of modern rubber receipts for increased performance of tyres.

Abrasion Check device determines the wear resistance of tyres to control the abrasion of the tread in the finished product, more accurately predict the properties of tyres and characteristics of tyres with different speed categories.

In addition, it includes the possibility to assess the wear resistance of the tread in connection with the planned changes to the labeling of tyres to include information on the European label about mileage and abrasion.

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