Constant Quality


The newly installed German technology will enable us to further examine our production quality. The first step of our ambitious modernization program was the installation of top quality machinery into our central production lab. The MDR 3000 Professional by MonTech (Germany) is designed for measuring the viscoelastic properties of polymers. MonTech’s representative and director of rubber testing equipment -  Detlef Hegenbart has begun an operating course with our laboratory staff. 

He remarked “This machine will allow your company to examine your existing rubber compounds more precisely and carefully, whilst also creating new mixtures in the near future. The machine allows to understand the impact of a given component on the tyre’s quality at an early stage. Investing money into the laboratory – is an important step, which allows your production process to further develop.”

The head of the factory’s central Laboratory – Elena Kalinina is also satisfied with the purchase, and says the new equipment will provide the lab’s operating staff with a unique opportunity to examine the polymers, rubber and raw materials in a greater spectrum, receiving over 2000 indicators which allow close observation of the technological and vulcanization properties of rubber. These are key indicators which characterize grip and rolling resistance on the road. All of the above will allow us to predict the exploitation characteristics of the tyre in a variety of climate zones, roads and surfaces.  

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