CМ-101 800/65R32 167
800/65R32 167
 CМ-101 800/65R32 172
800/65R32 172
 CМ-101 800/65R32 178
800/65R32 178
 CМ-102 750/65R26 166
750/65R26 166
 CМ-103 800/65R32 172
800/65R32 172
 IM-301 10.0/75-15.3 130
10.0/75-15.3 130
 IM-302 460/70R24 152
460/70R24 152
 IM-302 460/70R24 159
460/70R24 159
 IM-302 460/70R24 135
460/70R24 135
 IM-303 230/95R32 117
230/95R32 117
 IM-303 230/95R32 112
230/95R32 112
 IM-304 230/95R42 118
230/95R42 118
 ITEGRO 195/55R16 87V
195/55R16 87V
 ITEGRO 195/65R15 91H
195/65R15 91H
 ITEGRO 205/55R16 91V
205/55R16 91V
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What you need to know when buying car tires

Car tires partially absorb the shocks caused by irregularities in the road, affect the cost effectiveness and comfort of driving.  And what is the most important – they provide safety! The controllability of а car, length of braking distance, resistance to aquaplaning, directional stability on different road surfaces (wet or dry asphalt, ice, snow) and off-road performance depend on tyre design. 

Types of tires

Today, a large number of car tires are produced. They are differ by the following criteria:

  • Size. It is indicated on tire sidewall.
  • Cord structure. Nowadays, the priority is given to radial tires. There are also cross-plied tires, but they are practically not made.
  • Seasonality. You can buy tires designed to be used in different seasons.
  • Intended use. A vehicle owner can purchase tires for a passenger car, truck or agricultural machinery.
  • Rubber compound. Summer tires are stiff, while winter tires, on the contrary, are softer.

How to choose tires

Before choosing tires, you should first read the car owner's manual for tire size recommendations. Don’t forget to take into consideration speed and load indices. Height of cross-section is also important, since it can be different with the same tire width.

Tires for different seasons

When choosing tires, you should pay attention to their seasonality. According to the season, tires are divided into summer, winter and all-season. Symbols on a tire sidewall indicate that the tire is designed for a particular season. For winter tires, this is “winter” or a snowflake symbol, (“3PMSF”), for all-season tires – “all season” or “AS”. The abbreviation “M + S” (Mud + Snow) is often used, which is interpreted as “dirt plus snow” and means that this tire is designed to be used in all seasons. The absence of such designations means that this is a summer tire.

Models of Rosava tires according to seasons:

Summer models:

  • Rosava Itegro;
  • Premiorri Solazo;
  • Premiorri Solazo S-Plus;

Winter models:

  • Rosava Snowgard,
  • WQ-101,
  • WQ-102 (под ошиповку),
  • Premiorri ViaMagiorre,
  • Premiorri ViaMagiorre Z-Plus

All-season models:

  • Premiorri Vimero;
  • Premiorri Vimero - VAN;
  • Premiorri Vimero – SUV.

Tire size 

When choosing tires, you should also pay attention to the size. In passenger car tires, it consists of three groups of figures and the letter R. For example, 205 / 55R16 where 205 means width of tread in millimeters; 55 - height of tire sidewall in percent. R - radial (there are also cross-plied tires); 16 - diameter of  tire in inches.


When you buy tires in Kiev, ask for warrantee. With this document you will be able to replace a tire or get your money back in case the tire is defective.

Certification of Quality  

If the tyres have Certificates of Quality it means that the manufacturer has confirmed the compliance of products with the standards. The document confirms reliability of tyres and eliminates the possibility of any harm caused during their use.

Tyre life

All tyres wear out eventually, so when choosing tyres it is important to consider the service life declared by the manufacturer. The average service life is 5-7 years, but to ensure safe driving, manufacturers and tyre shops in Ukraine recommend checking tyre wear after 3-4 years.

Advantages of Rosava and Premiorri Tyres

1. Compliance of products with European quality and safety standards. Rosava products meet EU regulated indicators and are successfully sold in European countries. 

The European standard strictly regulates such indicators of tyres as:

  • compliance of the rolling resistance coefficient;
  • noise;
  • wet grip.

2. To meet these requirements, a number of significant changes were made in the manufacturing process, from raw materials and supplies to high-tech equipment.

3. Price level – moderate price for products in comparison with alternative quotations.

4. Warranties – Rosava tyres are covered by the 5-year manufacturer's warranty, as well as an extended PREMIORRI ASSISTANCE warranty.

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