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 CМ-101 800/65R32 167
800/65R32 167
 CМ-101 800/65R32 172
800/65R32 172
 CМ-101 800/65R32 178
800/65R32 178
 CМ-102 750/65R26 166
750/65R26 166
 CМ-103 800/65R32 172
800/65R32 172
 IM-301 10.0/75-15.3 130
10.0/75-15.3 130
 IM-302 460/70R24 135
460/70R24 135
 IM-302 460/70R24 152
460/70R24 152
 IM-302 460/70R24 159
460/70R24 159
 IM-303 230/95R32 117
230/95R32 117
 IM-303 230/95R32 112
230/95R32 112
 IM-304 230/95R42 118
230/95R42 118
 TR-07 13.6R38 128
13.6R38 128
 TR-07 650/75R32 160
650/75R32 160
 TR-07 15.5R38 134
15.5R38 134
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High-quality Agricultural Tyres — a Good Crop

Success of reaping depends on various natural factors, and not least on the right choice of tyres for agricultural equipment and their further performance. New equipment emerges every day, tyre industry makes great progress in development. Tyre market bewilders nowadays with a great variety of tyre products.

To understand what you need, you should know the equipment it is required for. For example, agricultural tyres that are used for harvesting cannot be used during sowing.

Work on the ground is delicate and painstaking. The same can be said about production of tyres for the agricultural machinery. Tyre manufacturers take care that all mechanisms work reliably and efficiently so that there is no damage to fertile soil layer, that is, to make the tyres high-tech. Up-to-date agricultural equipment, becoming more high-power and efficient, requires the corresponding tyres — low-pressure and ultra low-pressure with a strong carcass.

Agricultural Tyres for All Types of Vehicles

There are different types of agricultural tyres, depending on the equipment they are designed for: combines, tractors or aggregates (harrows, cultivators, tillage mechanisms, seeders, trailers). They must be reliable, ozone-resistant, eco-friendly. Properly chosen agricultural tyres help farmers to save on fuel, which is also important.

Tyres for Combines

Tyres for combines must withstand increased load and be resistant to punctures and cuts, as well as have increased cross-country capability both on soft and moist soil, stubble field and on asphalt road surface. Tyres for combines are characterized by increased strength and reliable adhesion.

Tyres for Tractors

Tyres for tractors have excellent tractive force, functional reliability, as well as all properties of all-season tyres. After all, they work at any time of the year, even in extreme weather conditions. In addition, modern models of agricultural machinery are faster, i.e. they can reach speed of up to 80 km per hour. Therefore, tyre designers take into account technical progress as well.

Things to Consider when Choosing Tyres for Agricultural Machinery

To ensure that agricultural tyres do not apply excessive pressure on soil during operation, they must be low profile and low pressure.

Distinctive feature of tyres for aggregates is a multi-purpose tread pattern, resulting in better wear resistance index.

All agricultural tyres are made of modern materials, in which the negative impact on the environment is reduced. Their upgraded design contributes to the fast self-cleaning capability.

Assortment of Rosava Agricultural Tyres

Nowadays, numerous tyre sizes, including imported ones, are used in agriculture in Ukraine. ROSAVA produces more than half of various sizes. Here are some of them:

  1. The radial tyre 28.1R26 TR -301 with a cross-country tread pattern provides reliable grip properties, self-cleaning capability, and has improved environmental performance. It is intended for driving wheels of tractors, other agricultural machines for off-road conditions, stubble field, dirt road and paved road as well.
  2. If you are looking for tyres for the driving wheels of combine harvesters, then 30.5 R32 F81M is just what you need. Cross-country tread pattern provides self-cleaning capability and good traction. The advantage of this tyre with radial design over similar tyres of bias design is, first of all, the smaller material content.
  3. Every fifth tyre on domestic agricultural machinery is known to be produced in Ukraine, at ROSAVA plant. Farmers also willingly buy it for imported equipment. The following models were created for imported vehicles: 18.4R38 TR-204; 460/70R24 IM-302; 540/65 R28 TR-102; 540/70R24 TR-302; 600/65 R28 TR-103; 600/70R30 TR-106; 650/65 R38 TR-202; 710/70R38 TR-203.
  4. Farmers, who use sprayers, as well as low-power mechanical tools, readily buy models 9.5 R32 ИM-303 and 9.5 R42 ИM-304. They are also used on the rear wheels of T-16, T-25 tractors and on seeders.

Thus, we can satisfy the needs of all agrarians by offering various models of tyres of a wide price range.

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