Tyres Combines

 CМ-101 800/65R32 167
800/65R32 167
 CМ-101 800/65R32 172
800/65R32 172
 CМ-101 800/65R32 178
800/65R32 178
 CМ-102 750/65R26 166
750/65R26 166
 CМ-103 800/65R32 172
800/65R32 172
 IM-302 460/70R24 135
460/70R24 135
 IM-302 460/70R24 152
460/70R24 152
 IM-302 460/70R24 159
460/70R24 159
 TR-07 13.6R38 128
13.6R38 128
 TR-07 15.5R38 134
15.5R38 134
 TR-07 650/75R32 160
650/75R32 160
 TR-07 650/75R32 167
650/75R32 167
 TR-07 650/75R32 172
650/75R32 172
 TR-107 14.9R24 126
14.9R24 126
 TR-107 14.9R24 137
14.9R24 137
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The right choice of tires is a basic requirement that ensures long-term and efficient operation of any vehicle or special equipment. In summer season, agricultural machinery works for days and nights, therefore, agricultural tires must meet strict requirements (especially in terms of endurance and maximum load). The company "Rosava" offers to buy just such tyre.

Main characteristics of combine tires

The tread pattern of agricultural tires is very important in operation of agricultural machinery:

  • Tires with a ribbed tread pattern are suitable for loose stone soil, since tires protect the equipment from lateral sliding.
  • Tires with knotted or multi-block tread pattern are installed on driving and moving wheels. Such tyre will be an excellent option for soft soil.
  • Tires with directional traction tread pattern are the best choice for driving wheels, as it provides excellent cross-country ability on any type of soil.

When choosing tyre for a combine, it is important to consider the purpose and performance of equipment. If the inner tube requires high inflation pressure, it is better to choose a more elastic tire to minimize the risk of punctures and other damages. For combine harvesters in rice fields, it is advisable to choose tires with a single-rib tread pattern, since such tires are better to clean; besides, they ensure stability on unstable soil.

Treads with three or four edges are usually mounted to the drive axle, while they are good to be used on any type of soil and in any weather conditions. It is worth considering that agricultural tires for combine harvesters shall not be used for seeding equipment.

Purchase of Rosava agricultural tires

The right choice of tyre for agricultural machinery is the key to reliable and efficient performance of combines without damage to the soil and crop. The Ukrainian company "Rosava" offers customers the high-quality tires for the Niva combine and other agricultural machinery. The manufacturer’s catalog contains agricultural tyre of different price level to satisfy the capabilities and needs of all customers.

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