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 CМ-101 800/65R32 167
800/65R32 167
 CМ-101 800/65R32 172
800/65R32 172
 CМ-101 800/65R32 178
800/65R32 178
 IM-302 460/70R24 152
460/70R24 152
 IM-302 460/70R24 159
460/70R24 159
 IM-302 460/70R24 135
460/70R24 135
 TR-07 650/75R32 167
650/75R32 167
 TR-07 650/75R32 160
650/75R32 160
 TR-07 650/75R32 172
650/75R32 172
 TR-07 13.6R38 128
13.6R38 128
 TR-07 15.5R38 134
15.5R38 134
 TR-101 6.50-16 99
6.50-16 99
 TR-102 540/65R28 137
540/65R28 137
 TR-102 540/65R28 142
540/65R28 142
 TR-102 540/65R28 149
540/65R28 149
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Tractor Tires

Agricultural tires, especially on the drive axle of a tractor, are the most important tool that, together with the wheel, transfers the traction force of the engine. The quality of tires determines how efficiently the enormous engine power is used. In addition to the performance of machinery, tires affect crop growth.  If the tires are chosen incorrectly, they damage the crop and fields. In this regard, tires for tractors and agricultural machines must meet a number of criteria:      

  • Good grip, due to which the tractor will not slip.
  • Resistance to cuts and punctures, which will help to avoid nonscheduled replacements.
  • Good cross-country ability since agricultural machinery almost always works in off-road conditions.
  • Compliance with technical requirements regarding tractor type and model.
  • Maximum self-cleaning ability from sticking soil.

Why is the tread pattern so important for tractor tires?

When choosing tires for a tractor, special attention must be paid to the tread. This is important because the tractor and other types of similar equipment are mainly used on soft soil, which in structure is comparable to snow. Most often these are peaty, sandy and clay soils.

When choosing a tread pattern, you should be guided by the conditions in which the tractor tire is operated.

  • Use on soft and damp soil. Traction on such soils is provided by traction. Therefore, it is better to buy tires with a deep pattern and with a large angle of inclination of the lugs. Such tractor tires grips the ground well and prevents the equipment from slipping.
  • Use on light soil (sandy). Here the thrust is generated by friction, so the weight of the equipment is very important. Tirs with a deep and aggressive tread will increase resistance to movement, which will certainly increase fuel consumption.
  • Use in rice fields. A good choice is a single-rib tread pattern that cleans faster and allows you to keep direction on unstable soil.
  • Different types of work under any climatic conditions. It is worth buying universal 3 or 4-ribbed tractor tires. They are mounted on the leading axis of the equipment.

The tread pattern is also chosen taking into account the type of agricultural machinery. Trailer wheels are very mobile, therefore only a ribbed tread can provide its stability. The main tractor axle is mainly mounted on the drive axle, since it has a minimal effect on the soil. When operating in difficult conditions, it is necessary to choose special tires with high cross-country capability and directional tread pattern in order to overcome obstacles easily.

Reasons to buy Rosava-AgroS tractor tire?

  • Reasonable price due to own production.
  • Equipment from leading European manufacturers.
  • High quality, international awards and certificates.
  • Wide range of tire sizes and models for tractors and other agricultural machinery.
  • Delivery to 60 countries.
  • Free of charge consultation and assistance in choosing.

46 year experience and more than 6 million tires per year confirm our professionalism. Purchasing Rosava-AgroS tires, you get quality tires at a reasonable price directly from the manufacturer.

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