How to replace a wheel?

The car is no longer a luxury; it has long become means of transportation. But driving a car is always associated with increased risk and unforeseen situations. A small nail or other sharp object on the road can turn the car from a comfortable way to get to the right place into a pile of motionless metal. The main symptoms of a puncture are sharp decrease in speed, hardly controllable steering wheel, sideways skidding of car. At this point, you should immediately pull over to avoid interfering with the rest of the traffic flow on the road. If you happen to find yourself in a similar unpleasant situation, you’d be happy to know that replacing the wheel is not as difficult as it may seem. We have a step-by-step guide for you to be off and running shortly afterwards, without any assistance.

How to change a wheel:

To change the wheel, follow this procedure:

  1. After pulling over, display an emergency sign and turn the hazard warning lights on to warn the other drivers.
  2. Get the lifting jack and a set of tools to replace the wheel.
  3. Put the car “in gear” (if you have a manual gearbox) or in the “parking” position (if you have an automatic transmission).
  4. Before lifting the car, use the wheel blocks to prevent the vehicle from moving forward or backward during repair, which can lead to serious damage to the chassis. So, if a rear tyre is punctured, then wheel block should be installed under the rear wheel (and vice versa).
  5. You should as well place a wooden board under the jack itself, otherwise, the lifting tool will be pressed into the ground under the weight of the vehicle, and the car will fall. Then place the jack under the car’s bottom onto special beams, but do not lift the car yet. First remove the wheel cap and use a wheel wrench to loosen all the bolts. In this case, you’ll need to apply force to do this.
  6. Then you can start lifting the car with a jack until the moment the wheel is hanging in the air.
  7. Before proceeding to the final stages of replacement, you only need to finally unscrew the bolts and remove the damaged wheel.
  8. Mount a new wheel and the bolts.
  9. Tighten the bolts diagonally next but one rather than one after another so that the rim mount is even.
  10. Finally, lower the machine down and tighten the bolts.

That’s all – your four-wheeled friend is ready. As you can see, you can mount a spare tyre in just a few minutes, if you have the necessary set of tools. Now you can freely continue your journey to your destination.

If you don’t have necessary equipment or spare tyre with you, then you will need assistance. You contact a car service centre with a specialist on site, ask your friends for help, or try to find the necessary tools asking the drivers passing by.

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