Tips for Buying Tyres Online

The age of the Internet of Things and digital purchases greatly simplifies many processes, saves our time, and often money. But there is some information to consider when buying tyres online that is not so relevant when visiting tyre shops. In this article, we have examined the main features of choosing and purchasing tyres via the Internet. 

Stages of Buying Tyres Online

1. The choice of tyres, regardless of the place of purchase, shall begin with the size of the tyres. We recommend checking it in the manual for your car. Why is it so important to comply with the size recommended by the manufacturer? Smaller or larger tyres (this applies to the height of the profile, the width, and the diameter) change the handling characteristics of the car, impair the operation of active safety systems, the speedometer and other devices.

An online shop allows you to choose tyres for all the above parameters. But even in this case, we still recommend checking the size specified by the automobile company, as the wheels and tyres on a car of the same year of manufacture may differ depending on the configuration, version and installed power unit. And if the car was purchased used, the size of the disks is likely to differ from the original configuration of the car and the manufacturer's data.

This is an obvious, but most important parameter before choosing and buying tyres.

2. Further, the functionality of the website allows you to choose the type of tyres you want to purchase:

Most often, tyres are purchased in the off-season before the coming winter or summer. But you can take a closer look at buying out-of-season tyres if you have some spare money. Online stores often arrange pleasant promotions and discounts on slow-moving, in a certain period of the year, goods.

3. When you have already decided on the manufacturer, size and model of tyres, you can proceed to payment and delivery.

Payment and Delivery

To attract the maximum number of customers, online stores offer a wide range of payment methods. Most often, online store managers offer:

  1. To make a prepayment to a card or account of a legal entity.
  2. To pay for the goods upon receipt at the point of delivery of the courier service.

In the first case, the transfer fee is lower, but in the second case, you can examine the goods before transferring money. We recommend choosing the payment format based on the authority and degree of belief in the company. We will describe this factor in more detail in our tips.


Delivery of tyres throughout Ukraine from the store's warehouse is carried out, as a rule, by national transport companies. They have a wide network of branches in any city, village, or large centre of the territorial community. This type of delivery is the most affordable, moreover, it allows you to see the goods before paying for them, and in case of defects found, return the funds, or demand a replacement.

Large websites offer the possibility of customer pickup from their warehouses or stores in cities. However, not all sellers offer this option all year round. Typically, it is possible only during seasons with increased demand for tyres  in spring and autumn, respectively.

The most expensive and most convenient way for the client is the address delivery of tyres.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Tyres Online?

The main advantages of buying tyres in online stores are ✅:

  • Availability of a wide range of manufacturers and models in one place.
  • Proper storage conditions with appropriate temperature and humidity levels, in closed rooms.
  • You can make transactions online 24/7.
  • Online stores provide hotlines and consultants to help you choose and find out the availability of the right tyre model (in the right amount) online. No need to physically visit the store.
  • Tyres in online stores are often cheaper than in markets or chain stores.
  • No one imposes his opinion on the customer in an online store; he has the right to rely only on his own experience and knowledge.


But remote tyre ordering has its drawbacks ❌. The main ones are:

  • It is impossible to inspect the goods before purchasing.
  • The product description, price, and availability indicated on the website may differ from the current situation for various reasons.
  • Return of tyres in case of a wrong purchase is more complicated due to the need to re-visit the courier delivery points.

Whose Advice to Listen to?

It is difficult to correctly choose the best online store. There are more than a dozen of them functioning in Ukraine today. The safest way is to buy tyres from official online retailers from tyre manufacturers

It is important to bear in mind that online stores located at the top of the “search engine” do not always guarantee the best level of service.

Interestingly, a large amount of advertising on the Internet and a functionally thought-out website are not at all signs of an online store that provides low-quality services or attracts customers at any cost. Today, the creation, testing, and promotion of websites cost a lot and pay off only with the appropriate level of advertising. Therefore, it is also worth paying attention to advertising, but it should not be a decisive factor.


It would be useful to ask friends and colleagues for advice who previously purchased tyres through online stores: about the support service at specific online stores, the processing time of orders and the delays due to a limited stock of tyres.


Even 5-7 years ago, the purchase of car tyres in an online store was perceived as a lottery: will you guess the right size, do they send tyres by mail, and won’t the seller cheat? Today, the field of automotive components is actively going online with all advantages and disadvantages described above. And you have to get ready for the new reality, especially since there are more and more advantages and comfort in it.

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