How to select a tyre to fit a wheel rim

If you take wrong tyres or wheel rims for your car, you may confront a number of undesirable consequences. First, you should follow the tyre manufacturer's recommendations for wheel rims, as they are standardized throughout the world. This way you can guarantee optimal tyre and vehicle performance. 

So, selection of tyres and wheels is important and serious matter. 

Wheel rim marking 

To select wheel rims for your car, you should take into account their technical characteristics, which you can find on the label. Marking is presented as 5 x13, where: 

  • 5 - rim width in inches (1 inch - 2.54 cm);
  •  J - four-wheel drive vehicle (there may be letters P, D, B, K and J, or a combination thereof);
  • FH —hump (hump rim to airproof a tyre);
  • 13 - rim diameter in inches.

To choose the right wheels, it is important to know the principles of tyre marking. It contains important information regarding the dimensions of tyres. All these parameters are important when selecting wheel rims for a car.

The main ways

The easiest way is to select the wheel rims according to the brand of your car. To do this, just read the car's operating instructions or look under the glove box cover. If you do not have such an opportunity, you can use special Internet sites.

As a rule, on special sites, the user needs to enter the year, car model and some other data. After entering the required information, the system will produce a result. 

The selection of disc colours to the colour of the machine can also be done online. This is done by special services - configurators. Here you can make a visual selection of discs not only in colour, but also in shape, design and style. Trying different options, you can choose the best.

To choose the wheels for a car yourself, you should consider the following: 

  • Wheels must always match the centre hole. If this fails, then you need to use the installation ring (if the hole in the disk is larger than required).
  • Wheels must be strong enough to support the weight of the car. Usually they have a large maximum load. But if you do not choose wheels according to the brand of car, but decide to remount them, for example, from a passenger car to a crossover, you should know the maximum load. It can be found in the product Data Sheet. If it is not there, you should use the manufacturer’s website and find the right model there.

Trying on wheels is an important step before mounting a tyre. 

A wheel pre mount will allow you to check whether it rests on the caliper and suspension or not. 

Experts recommend selecting wheels and tyres in standard sizes, which the machine manufacturer indicates as preferred. That is why the best way to choose tyres by brand of car. It is also important to mount wheels correctly, because comfort of driving depends first on the quality of installation. 

It is equally important to carry out the installation correctly, since ride comfort depends primarily on the quality of installation. 

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